A Step-by-Step Guide of How to Apply Online For a Student Visa to Canada by Yourself Without Using an Agent


How to Apply For a Student Visa to Canada by Yourself Without an Agent

A Step-by-Step guide of how to apply online for a Student Visa to Canada by yourself without using an agent. (This is for someone who is single & not married).

  • Guidelines
  • Links
  • Required Documents & Forms
  • What Makes A Strong Application & Common Rejection Issues.

To start with, this guide is for those who have been granted admission by an institution in Canada.

Basically, you have an acceptance letter at hand and have been informed to apply for a study permit. 

However, if you want to apply to a school in Canada, you can check these:

Ranks of the cheapest schools in Canada: http://tiny.cc/xgl7gz

Schools that do not require GRE for PhD/ Masters: http://tiny.cc/qil7gz

A list of all schools in Canada: http://tiny.cc/rkl7gz

1. After you have received your acceptance letter from the school, you should check if you need a study permit here: tiny.cc/qpn7gz

Most likely, the self-assessment will indicate you are eligible & need to apply for a study permit. Then click on:

‘Apply for Study Permit’. 

2. On the ‘Apply for Study Permit’ page you’d be asked two questions:

(a.) Where are you applying from? Answer: Outside of Canada.

(b.) How do you want to apply? Answer: Online.

Then scroll down and click:

‘Create An Account and Sign In.’ 

3. You should see this page after clicking ‘Create An Account & Sign In’: tiny.cc/l7n7gz

Once there, click: ‘Sign in with GCKey’.

Create your Username, Password & Security Q&As.

Voila! You now have an online profile with a required list of documents to submit. 

4. Now gather your Documents.

The ‘FORMS’ you’d need are:

(a.) Application of a Study Permit made outside Canada. (IMM 1294)

(b.) Application for a Temporary Resident Visa made outside Canada. (Optional)

(c.) Family Information Form (IMM 5645 or IMM 5707) 

Here is a link to find all required forms: tiny.cc/j115gz

It is best to:

– Download the forms first.

– Go to the ‘download folder’ on your computer.

– Open the forms from there.

Also, ensure to install the most recent version of Adobe Reader. 

Other Required Documents:

  • Acceptance Letter from School
  • International Passport
  • Digital Passport Photograph (Canada Spec required)

Here is the Canada digital passport specification: tiny.cc/c515gz

Proof of Means of Financial Support (Statement of Account) 

For Proof of Means of Financial Support, provide your sponsor’s statement of account as well as your own statement of account.

Also, provide any other document that can support your financial dependency. 

Police Clearance Certificate, PCC (Optional)

The PCC is not a required document listed on the CIC study visa checklist.

However, in order to avoid delay in processing time in case they need it, I always advise to include it.

I mean, it’s just about 7,000 Naira (CAD~25) 

Motivation/ Letter of Explanation

This is where you tell:

  • A unique story about yourself.
  • Who you are.
  • What you presently do?
  • Why study in Canada and not some other country?
  • Whether you’ll return back to your country after schooling?
  • What prompted your choice of school?
  • Reasons for choosing the course? 
  • A letter from Sponsor

Sponsor (preferably Dad/Mum) should write a letter of introduction.

It should include:

  • How you are related.
  • Why they want you to school in Canada.
  • Importance of course.
  • Financial capabilities are available.
  • Concrete confirmation that you’d return. 

Most times, there will not be a designated section on your profile to upload any of the following additional/optional documents:

  1. Police report
  2. Sponsor Letter
  3. Resume
  4. Job Offer Letter
  5. Promotion Letter
  6. Confirmation Letter
  7. Portfolio Information 

In this case, use one of the PDF Mergers below to merge above documents in (1-7) to your Motivational Letter.

  • PDF Merge
  • PDFSam
  • PDFbinder
  • SmallPDF

If the PDF file is more than 4MB, use one of the following to compress the file:

  • FreePDFConvert
  • Pdf2Go
  • SodaPDF
  • PDF24 

5. Double-check all documents & forms to ensure they’ve been filled, signed and validated properly.

6. When you are sure all is good, then proceed to submit.

The application fee is:

  • Study Permit: CAD150
  • Biometrics Fee: CAD85

Total: CAD235.

**Biometrics is done at VFS Office. 

7. After submitting your application, you’d get a ‘Biometrics Introduction Letter’, which you’d take to the VFS Office for your biometrics.

Once you receive this letter, check the VFS website and book an appointment here: tiny.cc/hwo7gz 

Finally, work on these for a strong application:

1. Choice of Sponsor: Dad/ Mum usually most preferred sponsor. (Not uncle or aunt).

2. Insufficient Funds: Asides from your school’s fees, you should show there is CAD10,000 available for every school year you’d spend in Canada. 

3. Improper Documentation: Don’t submit Document A for B or vice versa. No one has time to sort documents.

4. No travel history: Even if it is Ghana, travel there. Just get your passport stamped. 

5. Not meeting health standard: Here is a link to health issues by CIC: tiny.cc/djv7gz

6. Possibility of overstaying: This is why you should submit a strong convincing motivational letter alongside your sponsor’s indicating you’d be returning after your study. 

One thing to note is that once you receive a notification from CIC to go for a medical examination, just start getting your bags ready because the study permit is about to be approved.

That’s how you apply online for a Student Visa to Canada by yourself without using an agent.

All the best. 

This article was originally posted as a thread on Twitter by Tunde Omotoye (@TundeTASH).

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