5 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page


5 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Sometime ago Facebook made an algorithm change that affected the reach of Facebook business pages. Now you have to spend on Ads if you want to grow your business page faster. Here are 5 simple tips to help optimize your Facebook business page before running any Ads.

  1. Make sure all your important information and contact details are all filled

You want to be cautious and not give your users the impression that you’re a scam and want to rip them off.

  1. Create at least 10 valuable posts on your page and spend no more than $10 promoting them

You need this to get some activity going on the page. It’ll have an impression on the trust people have on your page the first time they check you out. If you can afford it, run a page promotion campaign to get more likes on your page. This wouldn’t have any direct effects on your page initially, but would be of benefit to you in the long run.

Whenever people do a search for a business page on Facebook, they tend to go for the result with a sizable amount of likes.

Which would equal more organic traffic for that particular page and subsequently more sales.

  1. Never run a Facebook Ad on your business page without either having a Messenger Bot or a website

If you can afford to have both, perfect. You’ll be throwing money away because there will be no way for you to re-target your potential customers. Create a sales funnel using either a Facebook Messenger Bot or a website.

Don’t let the name “Sales funnel” scare you. It’s just the process your potential customers follow from being a stranger to your business, to becoming a buying customer, and even more importantly, a repeat buying customer.

  1. Always install a Facebook pixel on your websites

That’s how Facebook is able to pull information of your website visitors and enables you to re-target and literally bug them with your Ads until they eventually patronize you.

Have you noticed sometime, you go on Google, search out a website just to get some info. You visit the website, get all the info you need, then pop out.

You check your Facebook timeline just to see what’s up. Next thing you’re seeing an Ad of the website you just visited. You log into Instagram, the same thing. That’s Facebook pixel at work.

Most people fail at Facebook Ads because they only sell directly. You’re throwing money away if you do that. Instead, build an audience before selling to them. Read my post here on how you can use a Facebook Messenger Bot to achieve this. You can also get free access to my training on Email marketing to start building your audience right away.

  1. Sell Higher Priced Products or Services So That You Can Spend More on Facebook Ads

Funny truth is, Facebook wants you to make sales, that’s the only way you’ll come back and spend more on Ads. They want you to sell something every time you run Ads, so that you can give them more money because you’re making money. More money = More reach. It’s as simple as that.

There you go, my 5 simple tips to help optimize your Facebook business page before spending any dime on running Ads.

Got any questions on running profitable Facebook Ads for your business? I’ll be looking out for your questions in the comments.

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