How Successful Brands Use Instagram for Marketing


How Successful Brands Use Instagram for Marketing

In case you haven’t gotten the memo yet, the world has gone digital. Businesses no longer operate the way they used to. If you want your business to survive and also rub shoulders with those on top of their game in your niche, you need to go digital too. I’ve put together some Instagram marketing tips you’ll need to stand out among the crowd and also best position your brand online for success.

If you don’t have some form of online presence for your business, be it a social media channel (Facebook, twitter or Instagram) or better still a website, where you intentionally promote what you do, then it should be at the top of your to-do list if you want your business to make it in this age and time.

You must have at least a social media page where you connect with, and scout for clients.

For the Instagram lovers, here are a few tips to help you brand yourself properly online

Create Highlights on Your Instagram Page

It makes it easier and more graphically appealing to know what range of products you offer and other basic information of your brand. Checkout other Instagram business pages in your niche and get great ideas from them

Using Hashtags

To step up your instagram marketing game and easily grow your Instagram page organically you leverage on hashtags. Hashtags makes your post visible publicly, so even those who aren’t your followers yet can see your post. If done right, you’ll notice your posts start getting more likes and consequently followers too.

There’s an App I use to easily get trending hashtags to use on my posts.  Search the App store for “Tagomatic”

Once downloaded and installed, you search for the niche of hashtags you’re looking for, it’ll then generate a list of trending hashtags you can use for your post.

All you have to do is copy and then paste it below your post caption.

Designing Cool Graphics for Your Posts

Especially for times when you don’t really have an Instagram worthy photo to post online yet, there are Apps you can use to create stunning graphics. I specifically use “Canva”. It can be used to design cool graphics to use on any online media platform.

Based on how creative you are, your final output may even look like something designed by a bad-ass graphics designer

I use it in creating any image I use for my posts on my social media pages. And it’s free to use.

Canva also has a web version in case you prefer using your laptop to create

Check it out and play around with it.

Also, if you’re looking for nice stock photos to use for your posts, check out Pixabay or Unsplash. There are a bunch of other stock photo websites, so you’re not limited to these ones.

Your Brand Color

Finally, try as much as possible to be consistent with a particular color when designing graphics or using photos for your posts. It helps register your brand in people’s subconscious without them even knowing.

There you go, my top tips for staying ahead of your competition on Instagram. Have been using any of these for your Instagram marketing? Please share with us your experience.

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